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Bath Half Marathon @ Southgate

Posted OnMarch 1, 2011 0

The Gavin Lazarus Quartet will be performing an outdoor gig for the spectators (and runners) of the Bath Half Marathon, on 6 March.

Head to Southgate from 2pm for a real treat – free, live jazz and swing to help you unwind from the spectacle of the Bath Half. The roads will be reopening around 2pm as the last runners gasp their way to the finishing line, so it’s the perfect time to catch some uplifting tunes on your way back through town.

The stage will also play host to various other local favourites, including the Zen Hussies, whose original fusion of folk, jazz and latin influences are also well worth stopping off for.

It’s like a free mini-festival, for the first time ever, to celebrate the fine efforts of the competitors of the 13-mile run. Here’s hoping for fine weather!

See you there!

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